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Blossom India Foundation is a registered Indian non-profit organization involved in creating social change. Blossom India Foundation works towards helping people to make their souls blossom by supporting projects that enable the under privileged to become self-sufficient and also helping them to lead a life of pride. We focus on society’s urgent challenges of education, health, community development and Environment. Blossom India Foundation is working towards evolving into a national level organization which will be able to reach out to millions of individuals and other stake holders in India through direct work as well as through partnerships and capacity building activities with likeminded organizations and individuals.
We are committed in building socially conscious citizens, thus we plan to organize several engagement programs for the corporate to make a change in different social problems and to contribute back to the society

Fundraise For Charity

Well, you’re in luck! Blossom India Foundation makes easy for anyone to create a great.

Your Participation

You participate in a conversation by listening to and talking with others.

Donation For Charity

Your donation for education of children will ensure that they get access education.

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